Placement aids

If there are no assembly aids for the transport of the components - we can place special polyimide labels on your components and thus secure your production process. These assembly aids can be removed without leaving any residue after the soldering process. They are made of high temperature resistant polyimide, so-called Kapton®, which can be used up to 300 ° C degrees.

From 12,5 µm thick polyimide foil to multiple laminates made from 125 µm thick Kapton foil. Countless variants - a Kapton for every application.

Kapton® films and are characterized by the highest quality, risk minimization and the best chemical, physical and thermal properties Kapton®Tapes off. Kapton is halogen free. Custom-fit labels on request.

  • Removal pads (Pic and Place Pads)

  • spacer

  • Temperature-resistant polyimide labels

All of our performance are under strict Quality regulations manufactured and are subject to ongoing control. HABERER proTEC is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.