AXIAL harness

Axial belts are mostly resistors, condensers, diodes, LEDs and much more.

The axial taping takes place according to customer specifications or THE EN IEC 60286-1.
To find out whether the component can be taped, we need a component drawing. Ideally, the data sheet of the component manufacturer.

We only use paper webbing (carrier tape) and shielding ESD bags.

The processing steps are fully documented from the goods receipt to the time when your components leave our house. We offer you our free additional service "Traceability", which our customers appreciate and enjoy.

  • resistors

  • capacitors

  • Diodes

  • LEDs

DIN ENIEC 60286-1

The axial taping and magazining of components for automatic processing are carried out in accordance with Part 1 of DIN EN IEC 60286: The axial strapping of butted axial connections.


The purpose of this guideline is to provide manufacturers and users with standardized methods for handling, packaging, transport and use of moisture- / reflow- and process-sensitive components. These methods are intended to help prevent damage caused by moisture absorption, in connection with reflow soldering temperatures, from leading to a reduction in yield and reliability. The process of moisture-protected outer packaging defined here offers a permissible storage period of at least 12 months from the date of sealing.

Trust in our quality

You can be sure that during the entire machining process, care will be taken to ensure that the quality of your components is maintained.

The storage and processing takes place exclusively in EPAs instead, whereby the strict observance of our "protection program against electrostatic discharge" is always adhered to, checked and documented.

The moisture sensitive (MSL) Components, we pay close attention to the time!
Since plastic-coated SMD components are not hermetically connected, so that moisture from the indoor climate can diffuse into the plastic, we do not spend more time on component processing than is necessary to properly repackage them. No harm from the so-called Popcorn effect.

Wage strapping is an extraordinary activity on a highly sensitive and sensitive matter that requires many years of experience. But these are by no means all of the services we offer our customers. A high quality standard, the zero-defect strategy in connection with a low price level and short delivery times characterize us. Day and night service as well as direct shipping and stocking of straps are also included. See for yourself.