Customized carrier tapes

For example, do you have a mechanical component that you would like to strap onto a blister carrier tape? In the first step, we ask our leading partners and suppliers. If they do not have a suitable belt strap in your OpenTool lists, we will offer you one customer-specific webbing, its development and manufacture.

Every component can be packaged quickly, inexpensively and properly. In detail:

  • Custom-made belts according to customer requirements
  • Optimal belt pockets for various types of removal
  • Special housing variants, customer components
  • Mechanical components of all kinds; Stamped parts, bent parts, etc.
  • Electronic components of all kinds; Circuit boards, modules, interposers etc.

Delivery times for a customer-specific carrier tape (up to 72mm):

  • Regular delivery time approx. 14 - 18 days
  • Express 3-4 days possible
  • Mechanical component

  • stampings

  • Ceramics

  • bent parts

  • Circuit boards / interposers

    loading and taping

  • Modules

  • Pin contacts

  • Contact springs

Trust in our quality

You can be sure that during the entire machining process, care will be taken to ensure that the quality of your components is maintained.

Storage and processing takes place exclusively in EPAs, whereby the strict observance of our "protection program against electrostatic discharge" is always adhered to, checked and documented.

The moisture sensitive (MSL) Of course, we make sure that components are not exceeded.