Our Philosophy "We focus on the customer" has been in first place since the company was founded in September 2000. To help you achieve your goal, we are at your side as a high-performance partner in matters of component taping, drying, X-ray, component programming and 3D inspection.

In March 2004 a new programming center with approx. 200m² was built, where now a fully automatic programming machine is available for the highest quality demands. In order to counteract the problem resulting from the RoHS guidelines and in response to multiple customer requests, we expanded our range of services in September 2008. Since then we have been able to carry out X-ray, component drying and DRY packing for you, so that the quality of your components is maintained.

"Knowledge is valuable" Knowledge is an important part of a company's success. Through regular workshops and employee training, we always make sure that existing knowledge is exchanged, consolidated and expanded. Important processes such as storing, exchanging, accessing, sharing and processing knowledge are regulated by our simple but very effective knowledge management.