We work according to the following guidelines:

  • Quality management: ISO 9001: 2015 (Certificate)
  • SMD tape (Taping of surface-mountable components on endless belts): EN-60286 3
  • Axial taping (taping of components with axial connections): EN-60286 1
  • Radial taping (taping of components with connections leading out on one side): EN-60286 2
  • component preparation (Bending, beading, cutting): IPC-A-610E
  • Packaging standard: JEDEC J-STD-033
  • ESD protection / workplace: JEDEC JESD625 and DIN EN 61340-5-1

These are supported by our internal quality management system. This ensures the full value chain, process security and 100% traceability for our customers.

Process flow diagram - taping:

Our employees are also qualified through constant training and work motivated in modern workplaces.